Best Hotels in Owerri

In this article, we will discuss the best hotels in Owerri (2022). Owerri is the capital city of Imo state. It is known as the top-rated entertainment location in Nigeria due to its production studios, numerous street casinos, and an increasing number of relaxation centers, amongst others.

We recommend exploring Ijebu Ode which is 7 hrs 4 mins on-road away from Owerri and booking a room at Pebbles Gold Hotel and Suites. You can also book by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to call or WhatsApp +234 706 118 4541.

The Average Price of a Hotel in Owerri?

Currently, the average price at which one can get a hotel booking or accommodation in Owerri is ₦14,900 for a 3-star rated hotel. For a 4-star rated hotel, you would need to pay ₦22,000.

hotels in owerri

List of The Most Expensive Hotels in Imo State

Some of the most expensive hotels in Imo State include.

  • Imo Concorde Hotel.
  • Edinburgh Hotel.
  • Newcastle Hotel.
  • Oxygen Holiday Resort.
  • Benconn Hotel.
  • Rockview Hotel.
  • Full Moon Hotel.
  • Disney Hotel and Resorts.
  • Immaculate Royal International Hotel Limited.

Best Hotels in Owerri (2022)

Currently, Owerri is considered one of the entertainment cities in Nigeria, and this comes as a result of various entertainment sites with hotels, one to be mentioned among a list of others. Below are the best available hotels in Owerri.

Protea Hotel is a 3-star rated hotel that provides a 24/7 service to guests and visitors. Their services are reliable, trusted, and suitable for individuals looking for a friendly environment to relax and enjoy themselves.

Forever Hotel and Suites is one of the best hotels in Owerri and among the list of hotels in Nigeria that fun-seeking individuals can consider. Their facilities are top class, and you are guaranteed a safe and smooth experience.

Glo-ran Hotel and Event Place is a suitable location to consider for your relaxation and pleasure. The hotel has many facilities to make their visitors and guests happy and equally satisfied.

Titanic Hotel and Resort is a customer-oriented hotel and relaxation site for tourists and visitors who need a comfortable place. Their services are suitable for fun and pleasure-seeking individuals.

Full Moon Hotel is another top-class hotel in Owerri that offers spacious rooms, various facilities, and a great outdoor space that individuals, couples, and families can freely utilize.

Golden Dreams Hotels and Suites is a great hotel and resort suite which offers a wide range of services such as an all delicacy restaurant, fitness center, internet service, and even a 24/7 reception service.

Like other entertainment and relaxation providing hotels, Gold Crown is one of the active and functional hotels where numerous guest services are provided.

Immaculate Royal International Hotel is a nice hotel that various people seeking to relax and have a good time can consider. Their services are pretty good and mainly targetted at customers.

Zoe’s International Hotel is a 3.5 stars rated hotel which offers relaxation and fun-filled services for families, couples, and single individuals looking to have fun and relax.

Imo Concorde Hotel is another suitable location for individuals looking for an incredible place to relax and enjoy quality time. Their services are very effective and highly recommended.

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