Best Hotels in Ijebu Ode

hotels in ijebu ode

The hotels in Ijebu Ode are amongst dome of the best you’d find in the whole of Ogun State with Pebbles Suites leading the pack. Ijebu Ode is popularly known for its ancient history and diverse artifacts and artwork which constantly keeps tourists, and art lovers attracted to the city.

hotels in ijebu ode

What’s The Average Price of a Hotel in Ijebu Ode?

Currently, the average price of a hotel in Ijebu Ode costs about $66, and this can be made possible at a 3-star rated hotel. While the average weekend price for which travelers and guests can get accommodation is around $57.

What Are The Best Hotels in Ijebu Ode for Families?

According to reviews and ratings, Grand Inn and Suites are considered the best available hotel in Ijebu Ode for families. The hotel has the best properties, and its services are very effective with customers’ needs fully backed with high and fast response.

How Much is a Room in Ijebu Ode?

Currently, the average amount in which visitors and guests can get a room booking in Ijebu Ode goes around $33, which is payable per night of stay.

Which Local Government is Ijebu Ode?

Ijebu Ode is a famous town in Ogun State mainly known for its historical antiques and cultural ancestry, amongst others. The city of Ijebu Ode is a known local government in Ogun state. It functions as both a city and a local government simultaneously.

Best Hotels in Ijebu Ode

Below are some of the best hotels in Ijebu Ode that travelers and visitors to the city can consider for their relaxation and comfort.

Pebbles Gold Suites

This is so far the best hotel in Ijebu Ode as they have the best amenities and offer an experience at a moderate amount. Pebbles Gold Suites is a great relaxation place where interested fun seekers, visitors, and guests can visit for a memorable relaxation experience.

Conference Hotel and Suites

Conference Hotel and Suites is number one when it comes to hotel business in Ijebu Ode. Their services are also highly rated, and guests are guaranteed an enjoyable stay.

Palais Royal Hotel and Suites

Palais Royal Hotel and Suites is an excellent hotel that provides visitors and travelers with the best relaxation and recreational services to increase their ease.

Grand Inn and Suites

Grand Inn and Suites is one of the best available options which a traveler and visitor can consider when looking for a suitable place to stay.

Hollandas Hotel and Suites

Holland’s Hotel and Suites are sited in a safe, well-secured, and serene environment where guests and visitors can have a free and calm, enjoyable experience.

Equity Resort Hotel

Equity Resort Hotel is one of the most available and resourceful hotels in the historical city of Ijebu Ode. They offer various services, and their facilities are top-notch.

TD Residence Inn

TD Residence Inn is a top location for fun seekers and guest which are seeking professional service. The hotel ensures that its services are fully delivered to guests and visitors.

Divan Crest Hotel

Located in a calm and serene environment, it is the five-star rated “Divan Crest Hotel.” Their accommodation is durable with other exciting features such as an eatery, sports lounge, etc.

Hush Hotel

Hush Hotel is a good option of hotel to consider if you are a busy individual looking for a safe, peaceful, and reasonable place to consider for your relaxation period. Their service is top class with adequate facilities to help you.

The Grand Hotel Annex

The Grand Hotel Annex is quite suitable for visitors and travelers, providing various services to ensure the guests and visitors are fully taken care of and have a great experience and stay.

De-Busafy Anchor Hotels

De-Busafy Anchor Hotels is another preferable and reasonable choice for travelers and visitors to the historical city of Ijebu. They are incredibly timely when it comes to offering various customer-related services.

Sansan Palace Hotel

Sansan Palace Hotel is a new and improved hotel that helps to ensure that its guests and visitors enjoy quality service with their desired demands being met.


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