Cheap Hotels in Enugu (2022)

Cheap Hotels in Enugu

In this article, we will discuss the cheap hotels in Enugu in 2022. Enugu is the capital city of one of the most popular Igbo states in Nigeria. The city, known for its ancient coal mining, has diverse, beautiful scenes and spots filled with cultural heritage and numerous industries and businesses.

Cheap Hotels in Enugu

We recommend exploring Ijebu Ode which is 6 hrs 43 mins on-road away from Enugu and booking a room at Pebbles Gold Hotel and Suites. You can also book by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to call or WhatsApp +234 706 118 4541.

What Is The Cheapest Price of a Hotel in Enugu?

Currently, the lowest price at which an individual can get hotel bookings or services in Enugu goes for about #6,000. There are various hotels in the city with quality services with the best facilities to ensure you derive maximum satisfaction during your visit and stay.

Cheap Hotels in Enugu (2022)

Below are the cheap hotels in Enugu that low-budget visitors and guests can consider for their relaxation and comfort.

Golden Royale Hotel is a decent hotel where value, convenience, and comfort are taken as a top priority. They offer good facilities to ensure guests’ and visitors’ demands are fully achieved. This is one of the cheap hotels in Enugu you can check out.

This is one of the cheap hotels in Enugu you can also check out. Best Choice Hotel and Suites is one of the best locations for high-quality hospitality. Their restaurant services provide suitable meals, and they are personnel active and prepared to meet your relaxation needs.

Nike Lake Resort is a high-speed response resort center where you can spend your holiday or free time. They have one of the best views with a peaceful, safe, and enjoyable environment to back that up.

Top Rank Galaxy Hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Enugu where one can enjoy quality relaxation time with enough facilities and staff to ensure you are actively taken care of.

Hotel Sunshine is a 4-star rated hotel located in the heart of Enugu and is known to be safe, accessible, and in a serene environment. Their service is top class, and they are always available for bookings.

It is usually touted as one of the best and cheap hotels in Enugu. Best Western Plus is a hotel that boasts excellent and functional facilities to ensure visitors and guests have a well and enjoyable visit. The hotel is one of the best for quality and reliable services.

Residency Hotels is a unique and safe hotel where travelers and visitors can have an enjoyable experience. The hotel offers countless services suited to guests and visitors looking for an excellent place.

Royalton Hotels is a well-located hotel that can handle all relaxation and recreational demands of visitors and travelers to the state capital. They are one of the best and most affordable hotels available in the state.

NeoCourts Hotel is a reasonably available hotel that offers cheap and affordable accommodation to low-budget visitors and guests. Despite their low price, they are still great to visit as their services are highly recommended.

Allen Suites Limited is another reliable hotel service in Enugu, which is delightful and great for relaxation and rejuvenation. They offer various functional facilities which will suit customers’ needs. This is one of the cheap hotels in Enugu.


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