Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Ikeja

hotels in ikeja

Ikeja is currently one of the best cities in Lagos state and there are cheap hotels in Ikeja. The city comes with countless businesses and an increasing amount of residents. It is the capital of Lagos and has various entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyable sites, including some of the cheapest hotels.

cheap hotels in ikeja

We recommend exploring Ijebu Ode which is 1 hr 46 mins on-road away from Ikeja and booking a room at Pebbles Gold Hotel and Suites. You can also book by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to call or WhatsApp +234 706 118 4541.

What is The Least Price of a Hotel in Ikeja?

Currently, a hotel can be booked for as little as #5,000 in Ikeja. They are numerous cheap hotels in Ikeja that low-budget individuals can get, and most have a clean and serene environment that is still suitable for relaxation and comfort.

What is The Best Budget-Friendly Hotel in Ikeja?

Currently, Bluespring hotel is one of the best and most cheap hotels in Ikeja visitors can consider. The hotel has a 3-star rating and is very economical for travelers who intend to have a great time.

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Ikeja

Ikeja is a commercial business city in Lagos state, with various industries and businesses available on the ground. They also have different cultural spots, such as the Nigerian National Museum and MUSON Center, and you can even have a great outdoor experience at Kuramo Beach. Below are the top 10 cheapest hotels in Ikeja.

The Ibis Hotel is one of the most cheap hotels in Ikeja with a fair provision of accommodation, a clean and serene environment, safety, and excellent customer service. It’s one of the best for friends and families.

PalmView Manor is an excellent hotel for tourists and visitors to the capital city of Lagos. They specialize in offering various services which will effectively help guests enjoy and have an incredible stay.

George Town Hotel is one of the trusted and respected places where guests can relax. The hotel is known for its budget-friendly environment, and guests have access to diverse restaurants with other room amenities to make it an enjoyable experience.

Stop Over Motels is one of the longest-serving guest houses in Lagos state and has been active since 1986. The hotel caters to all guests and provides quality services with the best facilities and infrastructure.

Apartment Royale is a great hotel located in the city capital of Lagos state and is famous for suitable guest and visitor services. Their customer service team is also good at handling all kinds of relaxation needs. This hotel is also on the list of cheap hotels in Ikeja.

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