Top Hotels in Asaba to Book

hotels in Asaba

This article will discuss the top hotels in Asaba that tourists and visitors to the state capital can book. The city capital of Delta state is a great location where one can visit for relaxation and rejuvenation. Asaba has some excellent spots with high-rated hotels to ensure one’s stay remains memorable.

hotels in Asaba

We recommend exploring Ijebu Ode which is 4 hrs 20 mins on-road away from Asaba and booking a room at Pebbles Gold Hotel and Suites. You can also book by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to call or WhatsApp +234 706 118 4541.

Top 3-Star Hotels in Asaba

Asaba has quite some quality hotels with excellent services, and below are some of the top hotels to consider.

Best Western is one of the top and most active 3-Star rated hotels in Asaba, which provides visitors and guests with a good time. The hotel is excellent for fun and relaxation for interested persons.

Another highly rated hotel in Asaba is Villa Toscana Hotel which continually provides relaxation and satisfaction services.

Top View Hotel is an excellent to use hotel located in Asaba, which visitors can consider for a safe, fun-filled, and incredible hospitality experience.

Top Hotels in Asaba

Below are the top-rated and available hotels in Asaba that travelers and visitors to the state can consider.

Best Western Plus Elomaz has the best-furnished space for individuals looking for a suitable place to stay. Their hotel is safe and secured, and you are assured of enjoying your stay as they are countless services to cover your needs.

Orchid Hotel is a suitable hotel located in Asaba, open to guests and visitors. The hotel has one of the best customer services and is quite ideal for tourists looking to explore the city.

Top View Hotel is the best option for business travelers who intend to have a great comfort and relaxation experience. Their service is 24/7, with guests’ demands fully covered and it is amongst the best hotels in Asaba.

Vienna International Hotel is one of the best hotels in Asaba. The hotel is an excellent hotel to visit for relaxation and recreation. They have various features to ensure maximum satisfaction is achieved.

Hampton Towers and Spa is a reliable place to visit for individuals who are seeking suitable relaxation and fulfilled environment. The hotel is one of the best when it comes to customer service.

Kings Garden Hotel and Suites is rated very high and is a popular place for high-quality service to ensure relaxation and maximum comfort.

Asaba Garden and Resort offer visitors, guests, and tourists an excellent environment for relaxation and comfort. Located in the heart of Delta state, it has the best of services targeted at ensuring one’s enjoyment.

Villa Toscana Hotel is one of the highly-rated hotels in Asaba that provides quality services to intending visitors and guests looking to have a great time.

Fergmond Hotels and Suites is one of the best hotels in Asaba which offers a blend of recreational facilities with diverse African dishes guaranteed to meet guests’ standards.


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